Friday, February 14, 2014


Celebrating holidays with babies is so much fun. More fun than I expected. I have never been a huge Valentine's day fan. But with Ollie around (and now that he's older) I want to make these days special. And it's so much fun for me. We didn't do anything crazy this year. No baking or card making. We are living at my grandmother's house waiting for ours to be finished- hopefully in March- so getting creative is hard to do when you're living out of suitcases and the bare essentials. But we did put together some V-day cards for the very special people in Ollie's life!!

Ollie is really into all things super heroes now! He has one Avengers shirt that he never wants to take off. Any time they are on tv, we must watch! I love this phase right now. He's such a boy! And he loves tattoos. So I found Superman Tattoo Valentines!! 

He's learning to write his name! A little scared to do the E's. He's such a smart kid. I love how he learns something new every day.

Ta-da!! Oh yes, and I picked the Henry Cavill Man of Steel cards.Win-win. Happy Valentine's Day, Oliver. I was dropping him off this morning, he usually cries when I leave him, but today he wanted me to leave so he could eat all his candy! 

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