Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow day!

The last 3 days have been quite silly! A lot of work skipping. A lot of waiting for the storm to hit. Finally saying "Screw this! Let's go to Target!!" Getting back from Target and watching the yucky, gross rain turn into beautiful snow flakes!! It's the first snow we have had this winter. Alabama winters are so strange. In a couple days, it will be in the 60s!

We waited a couple hours then stepped out into this!! I love when it's cold enough to snow but not so miserable that you don't want to get out in it. We hung out a while mostly walking the yard and letting Hydi (our pup) run around.
Ollie has started to cooperate more when I take pictures of him. He will pause and give me his cheesiest grin! I love it.
 This turned out blurry, but I really like it. It was almost dark out. No one was driving down the road. It was so peaceful and so quiet and with the snow perfect.

We woke up this morning and snow was everywhere but melting fast. We slowly drove over to my parents, had a snowball fight, built a snow bear (a dirty snow bear!), and finished off with driving our power wheel all around. Ollie doesn't get the concept of snow angels! He just laid there and looked silly.
Happy snow day!

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