Thursday, April 3, 2014

We have a 3 year old!

Ollie Bryant turned 3 Sunday, March 30th. If you ask him when is his birthday, he will reply "March thirty!" It was a beautiful day outside. Spring is really here, and don't I know it. Ollie inherited seasonal allergies from yours truly. Sorry kid. Let me tell you a little bit about 3 year old Ollie:

  • He prefers doughnuts over cake. Added bonus if they have sprinkles.
  • Currently obsessed with anything involving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I'm really impressed with his moves. He always goes for the eyes. Leonardo is his favorite. (Btw Donatello is mine!)
  • Can't say Ninja Turtles- they are Enja Turtles!
  • Drink of choice: chocolate milk.
  • Favorite thing to do on an iPhone: Clean up.
  • Worst habit: biting his nails.
  • Favorite song: There is this really pretty song called Woodland by The Paper Kites. Ollie heard it in the car and requests it when we are going to sleep or driving around. 
  • Any boo-boo he gets, he blames it on a tiger or lion biting him!
  • He loves to go comando!
  • Will jump off anything, no matter how high. (This is also a bad habit if you ask me)
  • Super athletic. Can dribble like a pro. Wants you to pitch him the baseball (no tee necessary). 
Those are some of the highlights. Ollie Bryant, this mama loves you so much! You are amazingly stubborn, super competitive, and hot headed (so unlike your father and me). Where do you get that from!! I have some ideas. But you are also quick to apologize, incredibly loving, full of energy and life! You're a super cool kid, and everyone loves to be around you. Happy birthday, bud!