Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kinda Homeless

So we are a little homeless these days. Our house of 6 years sold right after the new year. It was the strangest Christmas I have ever had. No decorating. Lots of packing. Opening up gifts in the saddest living room. We were completely moved out Dec. 27th. 
We moved into my grandmother's home (she is in Florida for the winter). We were so lucky to have that space available. It's a little tight there though. We are using 2 of the 3 bedrooms to store our stuff that wouldn't fit into storage. Little Ollie sleeps in the living room under his tent that holds his crib mattress. The entire situation isn't bad but I'm so over it. I'm ready to be in our own space again. I'm ready to put our new home together. Sometimes I wake up at 3am thinking about what I want and where. Thank goodness for Pinterest!!

Ollie seems to be at the perfect age for moving. It was fairly easy during the move. Not asking a lot of questions. Not getting upset. He broke mine and Austin's heart the night we walked through the last time. We told him to say "bye" to his room. He got on the floor and hugged and kissed it. Of course, I cried. Austin brought "the white house" for me (us) November 2007. We got married next door to it, made so many memories in it, put so much work in it, started a family in it. Ollie is, however, very excited about his new home. Right after it was framed, he picked out his room (and has never changed his mind and switched). We go over a couple times a week to look at the progress. Hopefully only 6 weeks left.
We're taking a little staycation this week at Austin's parents house. It's been a nice change. We have more room and a bathtub (there's only a shower at my grandmother's-poor Ollie). The weather was so nice this past weekend. The boys gave Hydi a bath, and I sat outside trying to get some freckles and worked on finishing the final pumpkin beers my father-in-law still has.
^^Austin took this picture, and it is seriously my favorite picture ever!!^^

Ok ok, so one last thing. So even though we have places to stay, we're constantly bouncing around. Almost everyday when I pick Ollie up, he will ask me where we are staying  tonight. "Mom are we going to Jojo's or Granny's?" Like I said, homeless!

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