Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Quick NYC Trip

Over Labor Day weekend, Ollie and I ran off to NYC with my parents. I was pretty paranoid about going to such a large, hectic place with a rowdy, energetic 3 year old, but Ollie has a gift of surprising me when I least expect it. 
 Our sweet friend, Anna, met us the first day and took us around. Look at her and Ollie: Best buds!

Typical tourists! Walking the Brooklyn Bridge was really fun though. What a view! Ollie napped halfway across in his stroller- that's why he looks so happy in that picture.

Fire trucks on every corner! Ollie was in heaven!!

There was a pool on top of our hotel, which seemed really awesome but was so incredibly cold!! We were in there a whole 5 minutes before retreating to the room for a hot bath! 

We bought bus passes and rode them around a lot the last two days. Funny story, we were going up the west side of Central Park towards the Museum of Natural History. Ollie and I were sitting towards the back and to our left in the apartments I see an old lady in the window butt-naked!! I have no idea what she was doing....watering plants? Who knows. Others on the bus saw her too, and we all shared a good laugh. 

At FOA Schwartz, Ollie really wanted a NYC Sanitation truck! Ha! That kid. So we picked up a pack that included other important NYC vehicles.  

I finally ate at Shake Shack and was not disappointed! I still dream about that cheese sauce!

Top of the Rock!! I looked for Jimmy Fallon so hard but never found him!
 Ollie and I bought a beautiful cut out book that we read quite often. We talk about where we went, and the one place we didn't get to (Grand Central!! That'll be our first stop next time.) He still talks about how much fun it was. One thing that made me laugh the entire weekend was how often he said "Mom, something stinks!" Almost every 15 minutes. 

Until next time NYC! 

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