Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I say this constantly, but 3 really is the age. Ollie is already a cool kid. But it seems like every day, he gets cooler and cooler! 
And he's growing up so much. He's officially a big kid now. The one thing that was holding us back were the night time pull ups I made him wear. Two weeks ago he started begging me to let him wear underwear to bed. I said he couldn't until I found the mattress cover for his bed. Actually, I knew where it was, I just really didn't think he was ready, and I really, really didn't want to clean up a night time accident. But I finally gave in (like I always do with that little guy), and he hasn't had an accident at all. Why do I always doubt times like these? Or maybe I'm just trying to hold on to the last little bits of baby left in him. But I don't know if there's any baby left. 
Ollie has been super loving the last couple days. He ran off to Florida with my parents for a week. A whole week. All by himself. He's so brave. So since he's been back, he's constantly "I love you so much" and "You're the sweetest mommy!" That ones my favorite. I hope he always feels this way.
I really love this picture. Everybody looks so happy. Oh to be little again and constantly happy. To play in the rain again and not care! They were playing for almost an hour. Also, Lex has some serious skateboard skills.

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